This contract is signed by Kar Otomotiv Ve Tekstil Ticaret Ltd., operating at www.karrentacar.com.tr. Sti. and the Member who is a member of the site, at the member registration stage of the member's own will over the website www.karrentacar.com.tr. By becoming a member of the site, the member accepts, declares and undertakes that he has read, understood and approved all the provisions of the contract.

The work specified in this contract;
Kar Rent A Car: Kar Automotive Ve Tekstil Ticaret Ltd. Sti.
Member: The natural or legal person who is a member of the site,
Site: The website broadcasting over the domain name www.karrentacar.com.tr,
Vehicle: Any brand and model vehicle that can be rented in the car park of Kar Rent A Car, which is owned by Kar Rent A Car.

The subject of this contract is to determine the procedures and principles regarding the rental of vehicles online by Kar Rent A Car on the site and the mutual rights and obligations of Kar Rent A Car and the Member. This contract shall make provision for the vehicle(s) to be made on the site and to be rented by the member.

4.1.Kar Rent A Car takes reasonable security measures in order to prevent the loss, abuse and alteration of personal identity, address and contact information under its control and supervision. However, Kar Rent A Car does not guarantee the security of this information in any way. Information and data transferred by the member to the site will not be interpreted as confidential information.
4.2.Kar Rent A Car can monitor and record all kinds of activities of the member on the site for security reasons and, when deemed necessary, can make any kind of intervention such as removal from the site, freezing membership, canceling membership and similar.
4.3.Kar Rent A Car may change the format and content of the site partially or completely, as well as change the domain name of the site, use different subdomains, make domain name redirection or close the domain name without prior notice to the member.
4.4.Kar Rent A Car may send announcements by e-mail and sms to the member in certain periods about the vehicles, services, advertisements and promotions offered on the site. The member has accepted this issue in advance.
4.5.Kar Rent A Car may change the scope and types of services offered on the site at any time and without giving any reason, without giving prior notice to the member, as well as partially or completely freezing, terminating or canceling the services offered on the site.
4.6.Kar Rent A Car can make changes and/or updates in the service and operation at any time in order to carry out the works and transactions specified in the contract more effectively. Members accept and declare in advance that they accept these changes and will act in accordance with these changes.
4.7. This contract does not include any commitments regarding the number of vehicles, brand, model, model year and other matters that Kar Rent A Car will rent. The member cannot claim any rights or receivables under any name from Kar Rent A Car for these and other reasons.

5.1. Membership is completed by fulfilling the membership procedure specified on the site by the person who wishes to become a member and completing the registration process.
By becoming a member, the member also accepts the provisions of this contract and all kinds of statements made/to be announced by Kar Rent A Car regarding membership and services.
5.2. The member states that the identity, driver's license, address and contact information that he/she has specified in the membership process is complete and correct, that he/she will immediately forward this information to Kar Rent A Car in case of any change in his/her information, and that he/she will immediately forward this information to Kar Rent A Car for any legal situation that may arise due to missing, outdated or incorrect information accepts and declares that he will be solely responsible for the dispute and damage. Kar Rent A Car therefore cannot be attributed any liability.
5.3. While the member benefits from the services specified on the site, T.C. will act in accordance with the laws and general moral rules, insult, threat, slander, harassment, etc. He will not take any action, make political or ideological propaganda, engage in disturbing behavior to other Members, refrain from any behavior that may disparage persons or institutions, and refrain from any action that may cause disruption or interruption of the services provided on the site, otherwise he will be personally responsible for all kinds of damages. accepts and undertakes that
5.4. The member accepts and undertakes that he will not violate the rights of third parties under the intellectual property law, will respect the copyrights of third parties, will not engage in unfair competition, and will respect the trade secrets and private lives of third parties.
5.5. The member states that he/she will use a password that cannot be easily guessed by others while using the site, user name, password etc. that he will not share his information with others and that he will be personally and only responsible for the security of this information, since this information is not kept in the site database,