Istanbul Aquarium / Where is Istanbul Aquarium?


Istanbul Aquarium / Where is Istanbul Aquarium?

The weather is getting colder, and doing different activities outside is a bit of a challenge for the winter months. Especially for families with children, it is very difficult to find a place to visit outside the shopping mall in Istanbul. We wanted to find a place for you to go on the weekend and in cold weather, to be both entertaining, informative and interesting. Don't you want to explore the mysterious world of the underwater world by taking advantage of the car rental options for Rent a car Istanbul? Istanbul Aquarium / Where is Istanbul Aquarium? The article was written for you by Yolcu360 team.

Istanbul Aquarium
This is a different place that hosts many fish species living in its seas. The most striking features of the Istanbul aquarium are the theming, interactivity and rain forest.

The aquarium has 17 themes and 1 rainforest stretching from the Black Sea to the Pacific. In addition, it has a very informative quality for children thanks to interactive games, movies and visual graphics that give detailed information about the area.

Istanbul Aquarium entrance fees 2019: The entrance fee to the aquarium is 99 TL for adults, and if it is purchased online, there is a discount and it drops to 89 TL. The ticket price between the ages of 2 and 12 is 69 TL, and 62 TL if purchased online. Children up to 2 years old can enter the aquarium free of charge. For the aquarium, which is among the most beautiful places to visit on the weekend, we say leave a day blank in your calendar. 🙂

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Istanbul Aquarium flora

Do you know these about the aquarium?

The red-bellied piranhas in Istanbul Aquarium roam in flocks and hunt, they can detect the smell of a drop of blood in the water from 2 kilometers away.
The Lemon Shark, which lives in the main tank, is the largest creature in the aquarium. With an average lifespan of 25 years, lemon sharks neither rest nor sleep during this time. Because as these creatures swim, their gills can pass the oxygen in the water to their bodies, when they stop, their gills cannot fulfill this function and they lose their lives without oxygen.

Russian sturgeon, which you can see in the Black Sea area in the aquarium center, is one of the rare fish species that has survived since the dinosaurs, and is famous for its black caviar. The skeleton of Russian sturgeons consists of bone and cartilage, they have bony scales.
In the aquarium, you can also see clown fish, one of the rare fish that can live in anemones, which are poisonous sea creatures. The poison secreted by the anemones that poison and inhale with the toxic substance it secretes when any fish touches it cannot pass through the skin of only clown fish in the world.

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