Where is Uludag Aras Waterfall? | Uludag Aras Waterfall Camping


Where is Uludag Aras Waterfall? | Uludag Aras Waterfall Camping

Many alternatives are waiting for you in Bursa to spend time alone with nature among a thousand and one shades of green. Bursa, which is among the ideal routes for weekends thanks to its proximity to Istanbul, draws attention with its natural beauties. Aras Waterfall, which excites trekking enthusiasts, is one of them. How about getting to know Aras Waterfall, which is very close to Uludağ National Park? Where is Uludag Aras Waterfall? / Uludağ Aras Waterfall camp post was prepared for you by Birten Çankaya, the author of the Instagram's popular traveler Seyahatimgeldi account.

Information About Aras Waterfall
Aras Waterfall is one of the routes with plenty of green and oxygen for those who want to take a nature trip in Bursa. Aras Waterfall, where you can get away from the stress and crowds of city life and spend time in the lap of nature, is also a pleasant trekking route. Located at an altitude of 1850 meters, the waters of the waterfall also feed the Nilüfer River. Aras Waterfall, which can be reached from the Soğukpınar and Ketenli Plateau with an average of 2.5 kilometers of hiking trails, offers its visitors completely different beauties throughout all four seasons. The waterfall, where you can witness the snow-covered landscapes in winter, allows you to relax with its ice-cold water in summer. Aras Waterfall, flowing between the rocks from a height of 15 meters, reveals the exquisite nature of Uludağ, and completely makes you forget the effort taken to reach this place.

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Where is Uludag Aras Waterfall?

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To go to Aras Waterfall, one of Bursa's natural wonders, you first need to reach Uludağ National Park. When you turn right from the entrance point of the national park, you reach the village of Soğukpınar by walking on the road in a lush forest. When you continue walking about 5 kilometers from the village, Ketenlik Plateau comes across. You can reach Aras Waterfall by following the signs from here. The walk between Ketenlik Plateau and Aras Waterfall takes about 90 minutes. You should be careful while walking as the road is rough and the stones are slippery. Let us also remind you that you will have to go through steep slopes to reach the waterfall. Although the road is challenging, you can be sure that you will leave all your tiredness behind when you reach the waterfall.

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Before Going to Aras Waterfall

Image by: Bursa Governorship
Aras Waterfall is a challenging track, you have to walk for about 2, 2.5 hours on bumpy stones and steep roads. Solid condition is required.
The trekking route you will use to reach the waterfall is quite stony. Therefore, you should choose durable and comfortable walking shoes.
There are no kiosks or markets along the road. Do not forget to take your food and beverage needs with you.
If you plan to go in the summer, take your swimsuit and towel with you. Although the water of the waterfall is quite cold, you can relieve your tiredness in ice-cold waters. We recommend that you have spare clothes as well.
Camp at Aras Waterfall

Image owner: Bursa Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism
Aras Waterfall is one of the frequent destinations of campers. If you want to spend a few days alone with nature, you can set up your tent on Ketenlik Plateau and take a walk to Aras Waterfall the next day. Ketenlik Plateau is a place with plenty of oxygen and greenery at the foot of Uludağ. However, it is worth remembering that there are no facilities such as electricity, water, WC. Ketenlik Plateau, where you can get away from technology and integrate with nature, completely in the lap of nature, and start the day with the sounds of birds in the morning, is much calmer on weekdays. Do not forget to take your camping needs with you, as there are no facilities, markets, etc. in the vicinity.

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