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Bahçelievler is a district of Istanbul, Turkey. On the European side, it borders Bakırköy to the south, Küçükçekmece to the west, Bağcılar to the north and Güngören to the east. In 1992, it was separated from Bakırköy and became a district.

Bahçelievler consists of 11 neighborhoods, namely Cumhuriyet, Çobançeşme, Fevzi Çakmak, Hürriyet, Kocasinan, Siyavuşpaşa, Soğanlı, Şirinevler, Yenibosna, Zafer and Bahçelievler. There are no sub-districts or villages in the district.

Until the 1950s, there were Kocasinan and Yenibosna villages in the area where Bahçelievler district is located today. The section where Bahçelievler is located was formed by the growth of Bakırköy towards the north of the O-1 highway (former E-5).

The population of Bahçelievler, like the population of its neighboring districts, has increased very rapidly since the 60s. The population, which was 8,500 in 1960, increased to 20,881 in 1965 5 years later. In 1975, the population of Bahçelievler exceeded 100 thousand.

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