Cancellation & Refund Policy

“Pay Now” and “Pay Later” Preferred Reservations:

In your “Pay Now” and “Pay Later” reservations, you can change the vehicle group, reservation date, add or remove additional products, except for the purchase branch change. Some changes may cause price differences. In case of a purchase branch change, the current reservation must be canceled and a new reservation must be made. Unfortunately, the prices of your previous reservation will not be valid for your new reservation.

Rental Early Return:

If the vehicle is returned before the reservation date range after the rental starts, the price is recalculated according to the number of days the vehicle will be used. If the amount is less than the amount collected, the difference will be refunded. If there is a charge more than the amount collected, no extra withdrawal will be made.

Rental Extension:

If there is a request to rent the vehicle for longer than the reservation date range after the rental has started, the additional fee to be incurred after the price is recalculated by the system is collected from the credit card submitted at the beginning of the rental.

No-Show Application:

If the vehicle is not picked up at the pick-up time specified in the reservation, the vehicle will become No-show after 2 hours and no vehicle from any group can be guaranteed. Your no-show reservation will be canceled after 4 hours.

Cancellation and Refund Application:

Reservations can be canceled 24 hours before the reservation time on the date of reservation, and in such a case, you will not be charged any fees. If you have made your reservation less than 24 hours before the rental start time, no fee will be charged if you cancel within 1 hour of completing your reservation.

If you want to cancel your reservation other than the conditions above, only 1 day car rental fee will be charged from you.